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Hello and welcome

... to the home page of OND which is like my other things rather under construction and so most of the information here is either wrong, obsolete, out-dated, obfuscating, ...


Some serious facts about OND


Yes, but I had my own esthetic about pasting those slips. On some days I could only paste in three or four slips and at the same time feel satisfied with the quality of my work. The library authorities resented my integrity about the whole thing. They only wanted another animal who could slop glue on their best sellers.

You think maybe you could get a job there again?

"I seriously doubt it. At the time I said some rather cutting things to the woman in charge of the processing department. They even revoked my borrower's card. You must realize the fear and hatred which my weltanschauung instills in people." Ignatius belched. "I won't mention that misguided trip to Baton Rouge. That incident, I believe, caused me to form a mental block against working."

Dairy Notes

2011/22/09 22:05:34 +0200 thu
hanvon artmaster linux driver 0.3b was just released here

2006/04/17-20:58:04 mon
Directory listing of http daemon at is broken, some links will not work properly.

2006/04/15-15:01:57 mon
I've added OAT, the Perl JCOP card emulator frontend.

2005/06/13-10:21:46 mon
Klapache reprise in version 1.2. It's now able to run OOPP based pages. Enjoy here at project page.

Wow, I managed to upgrade these pages from HTML 4.01 Transitional to Strict. Old table design was removed and all is now driven by CSS. Everything is now fully integrated into CVS.

First OOPP based web portal was just made public. Making it close to be HTML and CSS pure was quite hard work. What a satisfaction!

New version of Le grand blond available. Channel autorejoining and server autoreconnecting features were added.

Le grand blond project was derived from Calamity branch of PPhone and is now available. It's simple Perl script for autoopping at IRC channel.

Ole! reprised. New version got rid of PHP and uses Perl now for static presentations (i.e. no web server required for browsing). Check out more at project page.

Finally, after one year and 15 days I got to rewriting these pages. None of my projects changed much, only pphone project was much improved as multiple dramatic bugs were discovered. Just now I have some work with OOPP development which I believe will be finished during this weekend.

Random funny pick

Sold out.