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PPhone is a universal communication client for IP telephony and instant messaging. The project is now hosted at

Unique Features

  • combination of IM and telephony in one system
    The client is able to simultaneously operate with multiple protocols. You can use the same communication network at the same time (two or more ICQ accounts, etc.).
  • platform independence
    Application design is platform independent, and the application can be ported to an arbitrary system with no or minimal effort.
  • overall modularity
    You can use any protocol, any sound device, and any graphical user interface of your choice. Like in an operating system, all modules can be loaded and unloaded dynamically during program run.
  • reasonable protocol support
    With module gaimhack, you can use IM plugins of present Gaim 2 series.
  • identity merging (devel)
    You can merge multiple identities accross different protocols in one contact. (For instance, user X has accounts in ICQ, MSN, and Jabber networks, these three different contacts can be merged into one logical.)
  • detachable GUI
    GUI part can be detached from the application. The same or a different GUI can be later re-attached. This allows the program to run silently in background without need of miscellaneous tools like screen in unix environments. (For instance, you can switch between curses and GTK interfaces without terminating telephony calls and message sessions.)
  • user transparent network layer
    User has always control and overview of used network resources.
  • small footprint
    Being written completely in C, basic application requirements are truly minimal.

Dairy Notes

2011/22/09 22:05:34 +0200 thu
hanvon artmaster linux driver 0.3b was just released here

2006/04/17-20:58:04 mon
Directory listing of http daemon at is broken, some links will not work properly.

2006/04/15-15:01:57 mon
I've added OAT, the Perl JCOP card emulator frontend.

2005/06/13-10:21:46 mon
Klapache reprise in version 1.2. It's now able to run OOPP based pages. Enjoy here at project page.

Wow, I managed to upgrade these pages from HTML 4.01 Transitional to Strict. Old table design was removed and all is now driven by CSS. Everything is now fully integrated into CVS.

First OOPP based web portal was just made public. Making it close to be HTML and CSS pure was quite hard work. What a satisfaction!

New version of Le grand blond available. Channel autorejoining and server autoreconnecting features were added.

Le grand blond project was derived from Calamity branch of PPhone and is now available. It's simple Perl script for autoopping at IRC channel.

Ole! reprised. New version got rid of PHP and uses Perl now for static presentations (i.e. no web server required for browsing). Check out more at project page.

Finally, after one year and 15 days I got to rewriting these pages. None of my projects changed much, only pphone project was much improved as multiple dramatic bugs were discovered. Just now I have some work with OOPP development which I believe will be finished during this weekend.

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