About us

    Our breeding kennel is located in the town Dunajska Streda (Danube Wednesday) in south-western Slovakia. We keep the golden retrievers at breeding kennel. Currently we have two female dogs. First female has a name SKCH, HCH Ördöghegyi - Berni Vanessa (Vanessa). Vanessa is daughter of the world - famous dog ICH. Karvin Basic of Instinkt. We have imported this female in 1999 from Hungary. We have been exhibiting her in Slovakia and other countries. Second female Ördöghegyi - Berni Eni Tara (Tara), comes from the breeding kennel ÖRDÖGHEGYI - BERI too. The breeder Bellényiné Balla Marianne donated it and said it was a hopeful female dog. Hence we thank again and we hope we don't frustrate her.

    The Dream Team is small but successful breeding kennel. Our success can be seen at achievements that we reached in the last three years. We have taken part in about fifty national and international exhibitions, two world exhibitions and three exams with excellent results in the six countries. Within this we have had many club actions and we have established contacts with the best breeding kennels. Finally we found a lot of new friends and we gained experience.

    Strictly speaking, the aim of our breeding kennels is to bread dogs. This is not just reproducing them. This is authority to its qualities, pedigree and genetics. This is to breed better individuality than current individualities. That is why we pay attention to the selection of dogs and female dogs and how the two match together.

    The purpose of the breeding kennel is to care about dogs and puppies until the finding of new owners. If you decide for our puppy we guarantee our reliability. You can querry us about the dogs and puppies. We will be happy to answer any questions about your puppy.

Dream Team

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