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PPhone2 logoModularized continuation of project PPhone. Undergoing further development and redesign in order to reach the "Multiplatform multiprotocol communicator" compliance.

The client can now operate with multiple protocol connections of different types, detach and attach GUI during runtime, communicate via SRTP, etc.

Phantom Project logoA very small Unix-like OS for i386 clones. Framebuffer, preemptive multitasking, virtual filesystem interface, FAT12/16/32 read/write support, generic floppy driver, ATA disk driver, unix sockets, networking support. Experimental windowing API, partial libc implementation.

Native applications are cross-compiled on a Unix system. Phantom OS works well with the Bochs i386 emulator. Experimental and dangerous. Boots from a 1.44" floppy or via etherboot.

Occasionally under hard development.

Digital Soda logoDigital Soda is a simple GTK+ frontend for the DSO-2250 USB oscilloscope. It offers basic functionality and better performance under Unix/Linux.
PPhone logoA complete network communication solution in ICQ style. Supports message exchange, ip-telephony and chat sessions between users even behind different firewalls.
BSD, Linux, and Windows clients are available. PPhone server should compile on any Unix platform.
Version 1.4.1d is now available. (2002-4-22)
Native Win32 client (1.4.3d) released. (2002-10-2)
Zum Navigator logoZum is a set of tools for navigation purposes using GPS equipped mobile devices. It mainly focuses on navigation and routing based on own GPS traces, there's also no initial map material required. Zum increases travel comfort and road safety using real-time trajectory analysis, recommending optimal velocity and giving hints on safe overtake maneuvers, also supports world map generation from collected traces.

Currently under development.
Klapache logoKlapache is a small webserver with support of CGI scripting and directory listing. Partial content download according to HTTP/1.1 is supported. You need C++ compiler in order to compile Klapache.
Laster logoGenetic algorithm backpack problem solver. Chooses n objects of various sizes to achieve optimal fit in a limited space.
Ondra's APDU Tools logoOat is a simple JCOP card emulator Perl frontend and miscellaneous tools, for instance, CT-API interface implementation.
Red Gui logoRedGui is textual and graphical environment and originally was designed and used for user interface of Phantom OS.
ALFi plotter driver logoSet of control and text/gfx tools for Alfi Plotter and i386. You need to develop special Alfi Plotter-Parallel Port cable. Text can be printed with use of custom bitmap fonts. These fonts are vectorised for faster drawing speed and lower ink consumption.
Bananian Airlines logoA small project which shows how not to design a database. Shortest path finder algorithm in a virtual world. Dynamic web localization based on Locale::gettext is used.
First release 2005/2/3.
Le grand blond logoBlond development originally started as irc-pphone gateway and currently exists in development branch of pphone. It's autooping feature was however found useful and so I decided to deploy it as standalone product only for irc purposes. It could be called Net::IRC tutorial as well...
UDPBridge logoBroadcast UDP packets forwarder. Enables playing of stupid multiplayer games lacking "direct IP connection" option on larger LANs which consist of two or more (ethernet, ppp) segments which are linked together via router (usually an unix box which does not forward UDP broadcast packets from one network segment to another).
Minez logoSmall minesweeper games. One was written for educational purposes to to explain basic curses principles. Makefile, ANSI C.

Another one was designed as Java applet just to accomplish another school subject's requirement.

CleanZilla logoCustom Mozilla/FireFox userContent.css file for neat, clean and consistent look.
i855crt 0.4 option parsing patch. i855crt is simple tool for external vga output management on notebooks with Intel 855GM chips. Written by Andrea Merello.
xv 3.10a patch that allows slideshow stop/resume by hitting 'w' key.
Dead Alive logoDead Alive is web remake of famous multiplayer game. General principle reclines upon monitoring of playing objects of game participants. At game start each player supplies defined count of objects. Player who has most objects with changed state at the end of game cycle or all his objects changed state before game end is winner. Note that all objects must be at same initial state when the game starts. It's vital to choose appropriate objects and states.
Ole! logoOle! is very simple tool for web presentation development. See Ole! in action, project's web page is designed as sample presentation. Versions for PHP and Perl are available.
version 1.0d released on 31.10.2002 at 16:00,
version 1.1 released on 2004/11/25 at 22:22
MP3tago logoSimple MP3 files tag modifier/remover. Unix makefile, standard C (+bzero :).
Ondra's Own Gallery Generator logoOOGG is a small Perl script which was written for quick statical web galleries and photo albums generation. Structure copies file system structure when all pictures are organized into directories. OOGG is then called and generates thumbnails of predefined size. Images which already have own thumbnails are of course skipped, so it's suitable for continuous album generation.
Ondra's Own Perl Portal logoOOPP is new project that aims at creating Perl environment for portal creation. Portal based on OOPP is intended to run with Apache and mod_perl. I'm not very sure if there would be someone who would use such thing and so I decided not to publish this project as long as it is in early development phase and as long as I do not become any request or feedback.

What you see now is OOPP, this whole web structure is generated using OOPP, OOGG and other complementary parts.

Dairy Notes

2011/22/09 22:05:34 +0200 thu
hanvon artmaster linux driver 0.3b was just released here

2006/04/17-20:58:04 mon
Directory listing of http daemon at is broken, some links will not work properly.

2006/04/15-15:01:57 mon
I've added OAT, the Perl JCOP card emulator frontend.

2005/06/13-10:21:46 mon
Klapache reprise in version 1.2. It's now able to run OOPP based pages. Enjoy here at project page.

Wow, I managed to upgrade these pages from HTML 4.01 Transitional to Strict. Old table design was removed and all is now driven by CSS. Everything is now fully integrated into CVS.

First OOPP based web portal was just made public. Making it close to be HTML and CSS pure was quite hard work. What a satisfaction!

New version of Le grand blond available. Channel autorejoining and server autoreconnecting features were added.

Le grand blond project was derived from Calamity branch of PPhone and is now available. It's simple Perl script for autoopping at IRC channel.

Ole! reprised. New version got rid of PHP and uses Perl now for static presentations (i.e. no web server required for browsing). Check out more at project page.

Finally, after one year and 15 days I got to rewriting these pages. None of my projects changed much, only pphone project was much improved as multiple dramatic bugs were discovered. Just now I have some work with OOPP development which I believe will be finished during this weekend.

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