PPhone is a network communication tool which provides IP telephony and instant messaging. PPhone utilizes the benefits of client/server and peer to peer architectures.

UDP Bridge


UDP broadcast packet forwarder. Enables playing of multiplayer games without the "direct IP connection" option on larger LANs consisting of multiple subnets.

Phantom OS


A very small Unix-like OS for i386 clones. Framebuffer, preemptive multitasking, virtual filesystem interface, FAT12/16/32 read/write support, generic floppy driver, ATA disk driver, unix sockets, networking support. Experimental windowing API, partial libc implementation.

Native applications can be cross-compiled on a Unix system. Phantom OS works well with the Bochs i386 emulator. Experimental and dangerous. Boots from a 1.44" floppy or via etherboot.

Le grand blond


Blond is a small Perl Net::IRC script for channel op management.



Genetic algorithm backpack problem solver. Combines multiple objects of various sizes to achieve the optimal fit in a limited space.

Hanvon Tablet Linux Driver


Linux 2.6+ driver for the Hanvon USB Artmaster I, Rollick, Nilox Art Painter Pro and Easy Sketch tablets. Initially tested with kernel version 2.6.38. Also works with older kernels (2.6.32) with a small source code modification.



Klapache is a small webserver with support of CGI scripting and directory listing. Partial content download according to HTTP/1.1 is supported. You need C++ compiler in order to compile Klapache.

Digital Soda


Digital Soda is a simple GTK+ frontend for the DSO-2250 USB oscilloscope. It offers basic functionality and better performance on Unix/Linux compared to the Windows stock software.