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First I want to excuse me for my wrong English grammar, spelling, ..., but I hope that this page will be useful for all people that can't read in Czech language. A lot of informations are now only in Czech, but in the future I want to write all important things in English .


Very shortly: computers (I study Software engineering), traveling (hitchhiking, meeting people), nature and mountains

Short comments to my traveling and photos

Travelin in US parks (Glatier, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain)

Summer in Fermilab

Romania 2003

(fotos are not so good now, because of bad scanner)

I was more then three weeks in south part of Romania mountains Carpaty. I started my journey in Brasov going awhile south and then I continue almost west direction. I went over Bucegy (too commertial mountains with a lot of people and a lot of plastic bottles and other trash in the nature), then round Dracula Castle (also too commertial for me) continuing over Piatra Crailui (nice calcite massif) to Fagaras (highest and most popular Romania mountain, quite a lot of people in central part (half of them Czech)). From the end of Fagaras I moved to Capatini (nice not difficult tour, where I did not met any tourist), continue with Paring??? (quite nice small mountains) and then Retezat (national park, nice with authentic vegetation in some parts, but in central areal too many people for me). Last part was not difficult walk on the top of Godeanu and Cernii???. All the time I had nice wether, because it rain only half a day during whole time.

Nízské Tatry, Slovenský Ráj 2002

Next winter hike with my friends. Nízské Tatry are mountains in Slovakai and they are up to 2000m hight. Unfortunately we didn't have very nice weather. The temperature was below -10°C and very fast wind. After first day we spent on the top of these mountains we decided to go in Slovenský Ráj (Slovak Paradise). It's very nice area with beautiful valley and there are a lot of ladder on the path.

Bílé Karpaty 2002

Bílé Karpaty are small mountains making borders between Czech and Slovak. During February I decided to make some short one week journey across this mountains. Except fisth day when it was raining (I was prepared for snow, but not for the rain), the weather was quite well. I didn't take a tent, because for such short hike in our country I don't need it.

Sweden 2001

Finally I found time to scan photos that I made this summer in Sweden (if you want to see them click on the caption above). I was there about a month (mainly in August). I started my journey in Abisko and then I went to the south. First Part I went almost on Kungsleden, I was on Kebnekaise and then I follow Nordkalottleden. With Nordkalottleden I came to the beginning (or the end) of Padjelantaleden and this way I went to the Kvikkjokk. From Kvikkjokk I went almost west to the borders with Norwegen and there I took south direction. My journey finished in Jäkkvikk. As usual I travel to the Sweden and back home by hitchheik.

Pyrenees 2000

Now I have a time to give here only link to my fotos from Pyrenee (mountains between Spain and France) where I was during the summer holidays 2000. I walked one month over Pyrenee from Atlantic ocean to Mediterranean sea. Biggest part of my journey I went on the way GR11, that goes in the Spain part near the borders with France. I was also on the highest peak Pico de Aneto (3404).

Scotland 1999

I borrow photos from my friend with her I was in 1999 in Scotland. If you want to see them here is the link to the page with those photos, but no comments yet.