School project to get credit - talk "unlimited" number of users written in ADA programming language using CORBA (ORBit) as the communication infrastructure. Follow this link if you want to see more.





Few CGI scripts and a lot of small scripts for linux administration and various text transformations. And also experience with corba port for perl (ORBIT).


My experiments with web technologies (work, xml, html, php, cgi)
SŽK (local, public) - dynamic information pages for one children organization
Borovice (local - it need virtual web server, public) - forms, functions and database background


Rest comming later (may be if I will have time) ...

Linux administration


Only few links where I took inspiration and that help me to configure this (basic AFS configuration) (LDAP pam)
  "openafs-krb5-1.3.tar.gz" (LDAP auth) (Kerberos+LDAP+AFS) (Kerberos + LDAP) (LDAP) (rozbor řešení) (Kerberos) (LDAP)
       /Schulz/Unix/afs/afs-krb5.html (krb5+afs)
      (similar to Cern IT) (kerberos, afs - cesky)

Disk, NFS, AFS test results

Only very stupid performace testing for different network filesystem and coparision with local disk performace

* Test on files RedHat 7.2, 7.3 RPMS distribution (relatively large files)
    cp: /home -> /afs ... 4.5GB/12min, load 2.5-3
    cp: /home -> /nfs ... 4.5GB/12min, load 3-4
    cp: /home -> /home ... 4.5GB/11min, load 3-3.5
    cp: /home -> /dev/shm ... 256MB/17s
    cp: /afs -> /dev/shm ... 256MB/40s, 256MB/8s
    cp: /nfs -> /dev/shm ... 256MB/24s, 256MB/20s
    rm: /home ... 4.5GB/21s
    rm: /afs ... 4.5GB/55s
    rm: /nfs ... 4.5GB/22s
* Test on files from documentation directory (a lot of small files)
    cp: /usr/share/doc -> /home ... 360MB/2min
    cp: /usr/share/doc -> /afs ... 360MB/5min
    cp: /usr/share/doc -> /nfs ... 360MB/3min
    cp: /usr/share/doc -> /dev/shm ... 256MB/60s
    cp: /afs -> /dev/shm ... 256MB/80s, 256MB/70s
    cp: /nfs -> /dev/shm ... 256MB/63s
    rm: /usr/share/doc ... 360MB/37s
    rm: /afs ... 360MB/60s
    rm: /nfs ... 360MB/32s
* Test start OpenOffice (first/next start)
    afs: 25/6-7
    disk: 20/6